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Casino Royal: Reviews

Review of the CD The Restless Years by Diane and the Reviewer Team:

If you like Depeche Mode, you'll want to take a listen to "The Restless Years" by Casino Royal. This techno pop duo is fueled by an electronic feel which creates a refreshing mix of songs. Casino Royal shows dedication and time well spent in their studio producing this quality album. As you listen to each track you can hear a variety of electronic instruments with an impression of their creativity, while great care was spent balancing sounds so each instrument can be heard. Listen to "Battle of the Sexes" as it takes an upbeat turn with a bass rhythm kicking off the song leading into a Latin drum tempo. The use of synths is especially noted by using a horn section to add flavor to "Against All Reasons." Nicely slowing down the tempo in "To Fit," this duo demonstrates their versatility on this track, which features a catchy guitar lick. If you're a fan of Techno Pop, you’ll enjoy this CD, which uses an invigorating selection of lyrics, synths, and versatility backed by a creative mix of rhythms.
Diane - Radio Indy (Nov 23, 2008)
Constantly building, lush electro-driven crescendos characterized with moments of cybercalm illustrate the result of Casino Royal’s application of synth pop sounds to traditional indie song writing style on their third album, Rabble Rouser. Influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode and Soft Cell, this Viennese trio deliver a confident blend of contrasting styles to create a sound akin to an avante garde 80’s euphoric rave, punctuated with poetic lyrics.

The ambient wave-beats that open up “The Seven Year Itch” quickly give way to synth-driven melodies and uniquely accented, somewhat aching vocals reminiscent of a synthed-up Black Francis. While the fade-out for the subsequent “German Speaking Generation” brings a moody DJ Shadow melody to mind, the ambient/euphoric electro-melody during the chorus of “The Rabble Rouser” highlights Casino’s subtle abilities to influence the mood of their tracks.

Experimental sound effects and high velocity synth beats create a chaotic aural bedding that openly contrasts the distinctly calm vocals that lie over “Wasted Talent”. There is a moment of unique achievement with the dark intro to “Accountant’s Colleague”, quickly changing shape into an intense delivery of swirling vocals and driving “Kraft-qwerky” rhythms.

“Orgastic Love Song” is perhaps Casino Royal’s finest achievement on Rabble Rouser. From the wind-shrouded female vocal intro, through the classic techno beats and clever bass rhythms, to the lashings of thrashy Blur-like guitar, Casino use this track to give a nod in two musical directions at once. With peaks of synth-rich melodies and troughs of grungy rhythms, “Orgastic Love Song” presents the full sonic spectrum of these Austrian artists.

Rabble Rouser ends with “German Speaking Generation OV”, an electrified verse-chorus-verse number that completes the album closer to their Indie influences than any other track. It is the experimental nature of this band that stands out, with a confidence that promises more change yet to come.

by Tunetrader
Excellent electronic adult pop/rock CD. Very impressive production and musicianship throughout. The title track, Rabble Rouser, like many of the tracks, has some neat production tricks and a catchy electro-beat. If you enjoy bands like New Order, Depeche Mode and The Smiths, you'll enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today.
...Rabble Rouser is incredibly well produced...
Esta es tuya? Es muy buena!
Alex - Los Roques, Venezuela (Jun 28, 2005)
Lustiger New Wave angehauchter technopop, und die grafix sind auch sehr schön!
Urs - DJ, Switzerland (Sep 18, 2003)
Gefällt mir sehr gut euer neues werk!! gratuliere!
- Bernhard Weirather, Filmdirector, Vienna (Aug 31, 2003)
Review of Accountant's Colleague:
Fresh song, really. Vocals remind me of many neoprog groups (Pallas, Galahad, Jadis, IQ). Melody is here, electronic arrangements are pretty. Credits for male vocals and melody. I will immediatly check out your band page.
A! I forgot...five stars for you.
Review of Accountant's Colleague:
I like the intro.. i mean, that smooth synth (its sound) was really captivating for me, and the notes (melody) its playing was great too. the beats are pretty much perfect. and I appreciate how you've filtered them, making the intro real cool.
ahh, vocals. applausible vocalist quality. at some points, that sounded much harsh, may be due to the mix, the vocals are cool in them selves. so are the lyrics. great theme.
and the content you've put here altogether is alright. its to the norms, may be of trance or melodic trance, but has some oldie-touch as well. and that makes a kewl combo. pads goes rhythematially, well-chosen and adds meaning to the song. brilliant.
as much as I may say, this is a sure hit for those who love this type of music. cheers.
Review of track Long Live The Pros:
The song is very punk rock, more so than then indie rock, however I like it... it carries well the production is a little low and give it a good late 70s early 80s sound and I love it.. this song was all rock till about 2 mins it breaks into this heart felt anthem that is fantastic.. I love this song because it reaches out for new boundries instead of the same old format. YOU ARE TRYING SOMETHING NEW! THANK YOU!.... great sound !
Review of Accountant's Colleague:
The time on this song made it perfect. nice keyboard sounds. nice creative process. the tune has sooo much potential, hope you do the right thing with this one. nice texturing layers. great effort.
Review of track Long Live The Pros:
Excellent and alarming intro. reminds me of a sloan song. Then it sounds a bit like a song that would fit perfectly in the early 90's brit pop world. particularly the Happy Mondays. Lovely piano section. Cool production overall. interesting arrangment. three strong sections that don't really repeat till the very end. good vocals and guitar work here. nice job.
Review of track Long Live The Pros:
Weird way to start the song of with the siren, and other strange sound clips, but when the guitar first comes in, I can immediately feel the anticipation for what is to come. When the song kicks in and the beat drops it sounds like a dance remix of Radiohead. I like the mixture of raw, rockin' guitars, and electronic sounds. The vocals are hard to understand, but I like that lo-fi sound, it fit's really nice in the song, with the raw sounding guitar riffs. Then that is complemented nicely by the background vocals, which have a very full and warm sound, almost like Thom Yorke singing. The break at 1:40 reminds me a bit of Sigur Ros - very ambient and big sounding. The next part at 2:25, I'm not a big fan of. I think it's the vocals that turn me off. It's just doesn't have drive, feel, and energy of the early parts of the song.
You had a really good thing going for the first 2 and a half minutes, but that last minute I was just not a fan of. It wasn't as inventive as the first half it seems. It wasn't bad, but maybe something you might want to look at. First half of the song though...absolutley excellent.
Review of Accountant's Colleague:
nice intro... the sequencer is rockin'. I think the singer is right on! some good sounds throughout. I like the mood. The production value is great, I like the change ups. Now you rock!! this song rocks. and it's the perfect length.
Review of track The Seven Year Itch:
The arpeggiated low synth in the intro sets the mood, and when the groove and vocal comes in, this song becomes great listening. The influence from darker synth-rock bands like Depeche Mode and New Order is obvious, but this band has their own identity and style.
Review of track Long Live The Pros:
I like this intro. Nice guitar tone. Cool vocal effect. Bass drives well with effect too. I like this, really quite melodic and well recorded with good levels, i'm guessin not from the usa but well see. Not much to fault really,i bet this band are already doing somethin...
Review of track Rejection:
It's 1990 at the Hacienda! Madchester's 1990 at the Hacienda! Very cool stuff. I actually love the primitive Manchester/Baggy drumbeat (which never really changes; i.e. no fills). This song has a cool vibe. I really love the singers rich, rich voice -- I just hope he's actually a Brit.
I really like the chorus on the guitar, it fills out the sound.
I like the lyrics: "He's an artist/and I'm his greatest fan"; "you were a good catch, you said"...great stuff.
I like the bridge (?), where the vocal suddenly goes all Smiths, though I'm not crazy about the keyboard here. I could also do without the 32nd note crescendo-ing TR909 snare fills. This is not trance circa 1997.
I really like the keyboard melody that comes in around 2:30. Very full sound.
I love the slow down at the end...very effective.
What's missing here is a really compelling hook, chorus or otherwise. I can't really recall any of the melodies now that it's done. That said, I really liked the vibe.
Good luck!
Review of track Wasted Talent:
Guys, i love it! Great programming, the same universe with us! Finally! Loved the decadence feeling in it, loved the bass synth and its pulsation, the most great song i've ever heard since i've started reviewed! Strong melody. You guys should listen some tracks from russian band Agatha Kristie - you'll find loads of matches! And the german people would love it! Don't loose the market!
Review of track Orgastic Love Song:
The take off is close and the demanding male voice pulls me in to this song. Trippy but still catchy as hell! This is the real thing and i get the feel of a gun threat. FRESH IT IS! I would love to get struck by this band live! Im curious of your other material. This was a thrill!
Review of track Orgastic Love Song:
This sounds like something I may have heard in the 80's at times but other times I think this may be a Radiohead single I haven't heard yet. In either case I like it. The vocals are very Thom Yorkish sort of. Not an imitation or anything. Not even through the whole song. He has his own sound. Nice beats. i could hear this in a club or on the radio anytime.
Review of track Orgastic Love Song:
The synth at the start of the song gets my attention, and when the strong female vocals come in I am very impressed. I suddenly am reminded of The Muse or The Killers. Great tones from everything and the mix is really good. I wish I could hear a bit more of the female vocals in the song. I love the male vocals, but I just was hoping to hear a bit of both vocals overlaping each other. The music at times has a radiohead feel, but the vocals just don't feel like Radiohead at all.
Review of track The Rabble Rouser:
OMG. This is wayyyyyyy to catchy. Love it.
Singer, almost a mix between Damon Albarn and David Bowie, great vocal hook he's created. Really good use of electronic noises and samples in the background to support him.

But it really is all about the screams, laughter and driving piano beat. This is one kick ass track. Thought the vocal mix was a bit too high in the bridge, might even be a good spot to leave open. Sounds much much better during the comeback. Good work
Review of track The Rabble Rouser:
Hey, this is a cool work. I enjoyed this pop/80's electronic work. Voice sounds good and can tell he can sing well. The variety of music elements in the track are intriguing and ear-catching. Nicely done w/ great tempo, beat, rhythm, melody, and harmony. Reminds me of Eraser and Depeche Mode. I can tell this is pretty good, for I was reading the news in the Internet and my ears were tuned to this work. That tells me it has strength and hooks. Keep up the good work.
Review of track The Rabble Rouser:
This song rocks, from the begining to the end. excellent drum beats, great rythm and dark lyrics/vocals, bloody excellent. it sounds a lot of piano magic. fucking coool. mix is great as well.
Review of track The Rabble Rouser:
Whoaa! Great, highly original combination of sounds. An 80s lyric with a 90s trancey synth and pianos. Plenty of variety in there its a riot, all spliced together with a 90s trancey arpegiated synth and piano.
Great tongue in cheek pop-electro, whacky lyrics, and whacky samples; racing cars, screams, dirty laughs, its got the lot! I love the dirty synth sound the track ends on, I want it.
Review of track The Rabble Rouser:
Starting with a smooth trip-hop groove and melancholic vocals...this track is the right pick for starting your weekend. Being inspired by Depeche Mode and the new wave 80`s, it stimulates your electronic senses in an unforgettable way!