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Casino Royal: News

Track of the Day at - May 20, 2006

The track Accountant’s Colleague of the Rabble Rouser CD creates quite a buzz at

Track of the Day in Electronic, on 22 May 2006
Best Male Vocals in Electronic, week of 8 May 2006
Best Lyrics in Electronic, week of 1 May 2006

And some more tracks created some buzz:
The track Long Live The Pros
from Casino Royal’s 1999 EP Long Live The Pros:

Track of the Day in Indie Rock, on 20 June 2006

The Seven Year Itch from Rabble Rouser:

Track of the Day in Electronic, on 29 Jun 2006
Best Male Vocals in Electronic, week of 19 Jun 2006

Wasted Talent from Rabble Rouser:
Track of the Day in Indie Rock, on 20 Jun 2006

German Speaking Generation OV from Rabble Rouser:
Best Keyboards in Indie Rock, week of 10 July 2006
Best Programming in Indie Rock, week of 10 July 2006

The Rabble Rouser from Rabble Rouser:
Track of the Day in Electronic, on 24 August 2006
Best Lyrics in Electronic, week of 7 August 2006

Orgastic Love Song from Rabble Rouser:
Best Programming in Indie Rock, in the weeks of 31 July, 7, 14, 21 August 2006

Casino Royal in the Charts - April 29, 2006

Casino Royal’s music has landed in the top ten of the Radio Indy Charts!

The track Accountant’s Colleague is currently on position 7 at Radio Indy Monthly Charts . Will it make it all the way to the top?

Casino Royal on Radio Indy - April 13, 2006

The US based web radio RadioIndy features now music of Casino Royal, which has been rewarded the Gold Artist Arward. Various tracks of Rabble Rouser and Long Live The Pros are in their playlists.

Check out their station Radio Indy and Casino Royal’s site there.

LONG LIVE THE PROS - March 27, 2006

Casino Royal’s 1999 five track EP Long Live The Pros is now also available through CD Baby. It features indie pop tunes in the vein of 80ies indie pop bands like The Smiths and The Pixies. To imagine the sound on ‘Long Live The Pros’ think of The Smiths going wild with lots of electric guitars and synths.

Soon Long Live The Pros will be available on all major download platforms. We will keep you posted when the tracks will be available for download.

Casino Royal Radio - March 20, 2006

You can listen now to Casino Royal Radio, featuring various tracks of Rabble Rouser and Long Live The Pros as hi-fi MP3 stream!

The radio station is available in hi-fi (broadband) and in lo-fi (dial-up). Click the images below and enjoy!

Tunetrader Jingle of Rabble Rouser - January 25, 2006

Check out this promo jingle of Rabble Rouser done by our licensing partner for movies, TV, commercials and computer games Tunetrader. Click here to listen to it.

Amazing Drum Tool - January 14, 2006

Just bought the Stylus RMX 1.5 from Spectrasonics. This realtime groove module is sheer unbelievable regarding flexibility and quality of samples. We are going to use this tool to create better, more human sounding drum tracks. Currently we are using this tool to remix one of our tunes which we just have recorded with a static 4-to-the-floor bass drum. When we finish this remix we will put both version up on the page and you will notice the difference. We can only recommend this tool for anybody who needs proper groovy drum tracks but has no real drummer available.

Casino Royal's Studio HN79 - December 17, 2005

The following might be interesting for people who are planning to set up there own studio and are curious what can be achieved with todays relatively cheap but still professional equipment.

We set up our recording studio HN79 just before Christmas 2002. We recorded and mixed all tracks of Rabble Rouser there. We could have done the mastering as well but we opted to do it in a friend’s studio, das KW, purley due to the fact we had been too exhausted to do the mastering on our own after we had finished mixing all the tracks of Rabble Rouser.

The core of our studio is a DAW with a 15 DSP Creamware PowerPulsar Card. Those Creamware cards are incredible regarding the sound, rooting options, no-latency synths and effects. All the mixing was done with the Creamware soft mixing console. Those boards might be already a bit dated but for us it’s the best. More information on the Creamware products you can get at the manufacture’s web site Creamware. But even better is the forum PlanetZ which is populated by tons of avid Creamware users. On this forum also numerous and absolutely accurate tips on how to choose and set up your DAW can be found.

All the synth sounds on Rabble Rouser have been taken from the Creamware SoftSynths, Roland MC505 Groovebox and Yamaha QS300.

Here is a listing of the instruments and tools we used to record Rabble Rouser:

Roland MC505
Roland WS30
Yamaha QS300

DAW with PIV 3.0 Ghz, 1GB RAM:
Creamware PowerPulsar and Pulsar II
Steinberg Cubase SX2
LM4 Mark II
Waves 4.0
Steinberg Midex 8
Creamware A16 Ultra

various acoustic and E-Guitars (Fender, Framus, Yamaha)
Line6 POD 2.0, POD XT, Bass POD XT
Marshall VS65R
Messa Boogie V-Twin

AKG Solidtube
Shure SM58
Lexicon PCM 91
Dynaudio BM-6A
Mackie SR24-4 VLZ Pro

How we picked our name - December 2, 2005

The band’s name was inspired by the hilarious James Bond parody Casino Royale shot in 1967. With more than five directors and at least ten writers involved in the project this just-too-much attitude appealed very much to us and hence we have choosen our name as tribute to this movie. We dropped the ‘e’ at the end because we think it just looks better this way. Don’t mix this movie with the latest James Bond flick also called Casino Royale which is currently under production and probably won’t show any of the spirit of the 1967 version.

Additional retailer - October 19, 2005

Aside from our retailer CD Baby the Rabble Rouser CD is now also available through our licensing partner for movies, TV, commercials and computer games Tunetrader in their online shop Tunetrader Shop. Tunetrader ships out of the UK.

Licensing of Rabble Rouser tunes - September 20, 2005

The tracks of Rabble Rouser can now be licensed for movies, TV, commercials and computer games via our partner Tunetrader based in the UK and the US.

Japan - May 11, 2004

Just got back from a four weeks holiday all over Japan. What a country, what a place! It’s just beyond words – can only recommend it. Also made some contacts music wise. There is a chance for a gig or even some mini tour over there. Let’s see what’s there in the pipe line…

The curse of the own studio - August 22, 2002

Recording our new CD in our own studio HN79 is very convenient because we have all the time in the world to experiment with song structures and sounds. But then again this advantage can turn to a curse because sometimes you never stop to rearrange everything again and again in the hope it could get even better. One good example of this: We rearranged one track 27 times over a period of months only to end up being still unhappy with the tune. Then we did a complete and entire remix of the whole tune and in less than two sessions we achieved something really catchy and completely different to the original. Just compare these samples from the Original to the Remix.

The Premiere - April 19, 2002

The other night the premiere of the movie Ikarus took place. All the usual faces which normally pop out of the tele and now we were sitting among them. Both tracks, Rejection and Orphan Boy, nicely placed in the film. Seen some people which we wanted to insult heavily since ages but having finally the chance we did get distracted by the bar and just got a bit intoxicated instead. Nice evening but still somehow strange.

Casino Royal in the Cinema - March 23, 2002

Today we went to the movies and watching the trailers before the start of the main feature all of the sudden the trailer for Ikarus came on and one of our tracks, Rejection from the Long Live The Pros CD, was included in the trailer. Our music on the big screen blasted through a decent Dolby Surround system in a packed out cinema. Very nice, indeed!

New Microphone on movie money - February 7, 2002

The other day the money for our tunes in the soundtrack of Ikarus showed up in our bank account and we went straight to our favourite music hardware dealer to spend all of it. Among other things we picked up the exquisite AKG Solidtube microphone. We are very pleased with it’s warm sound, very pleased indeed!

Soundtrack release - November 22, 2001

Just did get note that for the movie Ikarus the sound track will be released on CD by Monkey Music and both our tunes, Rejection and Orphan Boy, will be included.

Casino Royal bound for the big screen - July 12, 2001

Today we have been contacted if we want two of the tracks on the Long Live The Pros CD to be included in the sound track of some Austrian feature film. They are planning to use Rejection and Orphan Boy and on top of it, we would get paid for it! At the moment the script is on its way to us and if everything is cool we definitely go for it. Good news indeed!

Long Live The Pros is finished - November 22, 1998

Long Live The Pros is finished! Last week we did the mix of the last remaining track. Check it out:

Long Live The Pros


Orphan Boy

Casino Royal

Chilly Land

Recording of Long Live the Pros - August 17, 1998

The last seven days we recorded all five tracks for our upcoming CD Long Live The Pros. Recording and mixing went well apart from the fact that those seven days were probably the hottest days in the whole year. It was pretty warm outside of the studio but it was boiling hot inside of the studio. We had to strip to our shorts to sustain the heat. We still have to remix one of the tracks. When the final mixes will be available we will post some samples.
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