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Casino Royal: Music

Orgastic Love Song

(Casino Royal)

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And you are so kind, you are so kind
I was there, prepared to take off with you tonight

And you are so kind
Holding me, comforting me
To conquer all the stars

I am a bit afraid, I am a bit of sad
But I fly with you tonight

Behind the stars, we will find the edge
Behind the stars, we will see if nothingness really shines

And deeper we put into space now
Can you feel breaking through?

Help me, get me out
Help me, get me out of this
Give me the chance, I will come with you!
Give me the chance, we will break through

You and me the endless space
No better could it be
No better could we die

But I am afraid, I feel sad
Since I have no idea how nothingness really is

I will wait for you
To come with me!
To conquer all the stars

To see how it is, to feel it soon
If nothingness really shines on us tonight

I am coming with you
Are you coming with me my love?

I take you everywhere, I give you the stars!

What a wonderful nothingness