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Casino Royal: Music

To Fit

(Casino Royal)

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Still the urge to fit, still the urge to comprehend
To beat the invisible wall of our clash

Varying perspectives, no progress
Have come a long way from all of our before-hand views
Should it be over now
Still unsure about

This time, i am on the crucial point, it´s to decide to give up
This time, no more excuses, no more false ideas
Because it strikes us anyway

Long since hurt too much
For attraction to be continued, to be survived

Have you ever thought about not always judging black vs. white
For all the shades, that lie amidst, for not getting blind
My dear, it will split what we have in common

Bad things happened, flashes back to me
And we are still fighting and waiting for a release

You need a perfect piece of harmony
This is your higher goal

But i won´t fit for you
I´m still unsure, to start this deal with you