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Casino Royal: Music

Drunken Tramp

(Casino Royal)

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So let you roll, don´t care
And i let you roll too
Life is a rolling step

A rolling step that never ends
You are in a vicious circle
So why should you stop
I let you roll too

You stumble and then you fall down
The rolling step never ends
No one cares, except when my smell is restricting your view

My situation has changed now
I creep on the steps
I can smell the dirt of your heels from below
I watch your wearing the 100$ - designer socks
That I used to use only once a week before having it donated to salvation

As long as you leave me your end, i won´t blame you
I never will
I am just too scared to take “the quick run”
So I let it roll with glycol
And I let you roll too
Life is a rolling step

You do not own the right to get me up, to try it once again
You may be certain, i went through all before
But i don´t own enough courage to bring me into line again
Nor to take “the quick run”, though
Just let me roll
And I let you roll too