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Casino Royal: Music

The Rabble Rouser

(Casino Royal)

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I stand at the top and the time has come
My shadow of life a bitter shawn

Surprise turned into delight, within the moment I realized,
For who´s the creator of the betray and all that mess

Popstar, Popstar

The Popstar was a king, now the King is a popstar

Me, the Rabble Rouser, I halt in the mud, which solely I had provoked
Sarcastic smiling is what you deserve

The Popstar was a king, now the the King is a popstar
The audience kept the same, just his power changed
Real popstar need the glance

I was not loving, because love was in vain
He was not loving, he never plays those games
Tonight you and me
Tonight we came here for show down

I juggle with the dullness of your all
If it would not be that drastic
You might call me a clown, leaving you in fake

No, it was not any love, not any time
I just dreamed for your praise
I got my satisfaction, though,
in another way that you have never thought of

And this my dear I tell you:

The King is made out of a Popstar!
The King is made out of a Popstar!

It´s always been a bad thing, if the king is made out of a popstar!