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Casino Royal: Music

Against All Reason

(Casino Royal)

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Running to the sight
Hurrying towards gold
Falling in the trap
We got stuck, trying to catch the golden light

What a wonderful place, i fell in
What a wonderful aloofness i have been in
When i come to this site, you won´t stop me now

What a dangerous trap i fell in
In this fictitious place it only gets damned real
When you feel the barrel kiss your back

What a wonderful place still you won´t escape
We stepped in and let roll, where history graces present time

And so we ran, we felt the pride of David´s Sons, felt distrust of Muslim men
United, that´s why divided in their sense of justice

One must have seen this sight to feel the breeze of all
To judge it right
I´ve rarely been so jumbled

This town would never cope
With all of its human errors from all sides
With its cronical from all sides

So i wonder, why against all reason
I was neglecting their attempts, their frantic warnings
Of bazaar’s people trying to hold us back to reach the golden light

What a wonderful place
What a wonderful life
I scream when i see my stars

What a wonderful day, we have screened
What a dangerous trap, we felt in
What a wonderful aloofness, I´ve been in

When i come to this place, you won´t stop me
No, you won´t stop me
I own it too much
What a wonderful place, we´ve been in