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Casino Royal: Music

The Uri Geller Look-A-Like

(Casino Royal)

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Telling us the cure thing
Selling us the remedy
Uri Geller gave the world a gift

Telling us the true story
Selling us distraction
We should be grateful to you

Bring us the shining light in our small homes
My hero, best of the worse

Pleasing all the bored housewives
By making them see the worlds miracles shine

Topping there TV-screens
Trigger off a demand for spoons and wristwatches
Bringing us the economy back on track

I was to dine out with that healing man
He explained me how he would save the world
He revealed that the people of the old school are gone
We need a crash, a bomb to overcome the slump

From the deep eye sockets of that Uri Geller look-a-like
One could well understand, he would go for it, he really meant it

I was to dine out, was shocked by that healing man and longed for Uri GellerĀ“s come back
I was to dine out with a misdirected man, he explained how he would save the world

I prefer the Uri Geller style
It is the best of the worse way how he and Hollywood would save the world