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Casino Royal: Music

Just A Fateful Flirt

(Casino Royal)

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She´d better be in the hands of the nouveau-riche
She´d better be in the line of the ultra-feminists

I have met no lady. I have met a woman
She just pretended, she just bragged too much
I have met no lady. I have met a woman, dressed as a lady
Whose arena was set on a complex of fear
Always bragged, always pretended too much

I grew up from hell to life, it made me blossom well again
But now i would poison her sushi
I grew up from hell to life and you seemed to be that ONE
While you have made me so well, so blossom well again
You just pretend to be sincere, to be decent to share the rough

It´s been a fateful flirt
It´s been a wasted time
It was all a fateful flirt, i have got involved, a mere worthless time

When i first spoke with you, i could feel your interest
I could feel a rise of sun
When i first looked in your eyes, my back was covered of a goose-flesh everywhere
When i first kissed your lips, i grew up from hell to life
It made me blossom so well again
While you instead just pretended that you are sincere
You just pretended to share the rough and the smooth of us

It´s been a fateful flirt, it´s been in vain
It was a fateful flirt, right at the time i have needed your strength

I am so sick of you, yes i am so sick of you
Because you are so sick of yourself