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Casino Royal: Bio

Casino Royal

Casino Royal is a two piece band based in Vienna/Austria being together in this line up since 1997.

The main musical roots of Casino Royal are the likes of
- to name only a view - the Smiths, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Primal Scream, Depeche Mode.

Four albums recorded so far.
The first two in cheap studios
the latest two in Casino Royal’s own studio
which was set up just before Christmas 2002.

The sound of the two first records
was more guitar/bass/drums and a bit of keyboards -
in the line of the Smiths or the Pixies.

Since the latest two CDs Rabble Rouser and The Restless Years were recorded in their own studio
more time was at hand and sounds and setup
of the tunes became more sophisticated
and with all the gadgets of a modern studio at their hands
the sound of Casino Royal turned towards a more electronic feel.
Still all tracks are tunes
with proper song structure and vocals on top of it -
no pointless electronic frickling
or boring wall paper music
for lounge bars as background for urban hipster yuppies.

Some of the tracks have been released
on various samplers in Austria, Italy, England and Finnland.
Two of their tracks are included in a movie
which was screened in cinemas nationwide
and also shown on Austrian and German television.
The soundtrack featuring both Casino Royal tracks
was released on Monkey Records.

In reviews on Rabble Rouser and The Restless Years the likes of Marc Almond,
Depeche Mode, Soft Cell and Radiohead were name dropped.
Even though Casino Royal don't see their music so much in that way -
but then again it is the listener who is the judge!

Check it out and find out for yourself! Click here.

You want to buy the a CD or buy the music from a download service, then click here.

Casino Royal’s Studio HN79

The following might be interesting for people who are planning to set up there own studio and are curious what can be achieved with todays relatively cheap but still professional equipment.

We set up our recording studio HN79 just before Christmas 2002. We recorded and mixed all tracks of Rabble Rouser there. We could have done the mastering as well but we opted to do it in a friend’s studio, das KW, purley due to the fact we had been too exhausted to do the mastering on our own after we had finished mixing all the tracks of Rabble Rouser.

The core of our studio is a DAW with a 15 DSP Creamware PowerPulsar Card. Those Creamware cards are incredible regarding the sound, rooting options, no-latency synths and effects. All the mixing was done with the Creamware soft mixing console. Those boards might be already a bit dated but for us it’s the best. More information on the Creamware products you can get at the manufacture’s web site Creamware. But even better is the forum PlanetZ which is populated by tons of avid Creamware users. On this forum also numerous and absolutely accurate tips on how to choose and set up your DAW can be found.

All the synth sounds on Rabble Rouser have been taken from the Creamware SoftSynths, Roland MC505 Groovebox and Yamaha QS300.

Here is a listing of the instruments and tools we used to record Rabble Rouser:

Roland MC505
Roland WS30
Yamaha QS300

DAW with PIV 3.0 Ghz, 1GB RAM:
Creamware PowerPulsar and Pulsar II
Steinberg Cubase SX2
LM4 Mark II
Waves 4.0
Steinberg Midex 8
Creamware A16 Ultra

various acoustic and E-Guitars (Fender, Framus, Yamaha)
Line6 POD 2.0, POD XT, Bass POD XT
Marshall VS65R
Messa Boogie V-Twin

AKG Solidtube
Shure SM58
Lexicon PCM 91
Dynaudio BM-6A
Mackie SR24-4 VLZ Pro